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Tooth Pain Treatment Specialist

Tooth Pain Treatment Specialist in Brooklyn, NY

If you are experiencing tooth pain regardless of what may have happened to your teeth, our treatment specialists at Friends Family Dental and Orthodontics are available to help. Contact us today to learn more, and to book an online appointment. We serve patients from Brooklyn, NY and surrounding areas.

Tooth Pain Treatment Specialist Near Me Brooklyn, NY
Tooth Pain Treatment Specialist Near Me Brooklyn, NY

Table of Contents:

What causes tooth pain?
How do you know if the tooth is infected?
How do I know if my tooth pain is serious?
How do you treat tooth pain?

What causes tooth pain?

Each time you eat, your teeth are bombarded with bacteria that cling to them until you end up brushing and flossing them away. Bacteria is able to produce acid, which is what causes holes to form in your enamel which is commonly known as cavities. While this is a major cause for many patients’ tooth pain, it’s not the only cause. In reality, there are many different causes that could contribute to tooth pain, including:

Cracked tooth – Cracked teeth are a pain, literally. Tooth pain will always occur if you crack your tooth whether you bit into a cherry and hit the pit or caused tooth trauma and cracked a tooth.
Cavity – Cavities are the main culprit when it comes to tooth pain, whether it is small or large, the pain will be noticeable, and can vary from mild to severe.
Teeth Grinding – Grinding teeth can be an issue, if you are dealing with stress, bite issues, or sleep disorders, these all can cause grinding to occur in your sleep, or when you are awake and can wear away the enamel or cause a crack in your teeth.
Wisdom teeth – Wisdom teeth pushing through, or if you are losing baby teeth for your adult teeth to push through, both can cause pain on the gums and surrounding teeth.
Headaches – headaches that include migraines or cluster headaches often can cause more pain in the mouth like tooth pain than just headaches.
Infected sinuses – Clogged or infected sinuses have been known to cause minor tooth pain.
Joint or muscle issues – If you are dealing with any joint or muscle issues that are connected to the jaw or skull can cause tooth pain, even though it’s not related to the teeth.

Regardless of what may have caused tooth pain, it is best to seek out help from a dentist to ensure your teeth are in good shape, and to figure out what the pain may be from so you can get help for the pain.

How do you know if the tooth is infected?

To know if a tooth is infected, you would have to notice a few of these signs and symptoms first:

Severe, and quite a persistent toothache that may be throbbing or radiate to the jawbone, ear, or neck
Tooth sensitivity to hot or cold items and temperatures
Tooth sensitivity to any pressure put to the teeth from chewing or biting
Swelling noticeable in the face or cheeks
Swollen and tender lymph nodes under the jaw or within the neck
Noticing a foul-smelling or foul-tasting salty fluid occurring in the mouth
Issues breathing or swallowing

If you begin to notice any of these symptoms, it may be an abscess that has formed in the mouth as an infection. To confirm you have a tooth infection, book an appointment with your dentist for a cleaning and check-up.

How do I know if my tooth pain is serious?

Tooth pain may occur either in the tooth or around the tooth from various causes including:

Tooth decay
Tooth abscess
Tooth fracture
Damaged filling
Grinding teeth
Infected gums

It is best to book an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible if you are noticing tooth pain that is:

Lasting longer than 1 to 2 days
Becoming quite severe
You are noticing signs of earache, fever, or pain when you open your mouth wide

How do you treat tooth pain?

The treatment for tooth pain all depends on the cause of the tooth pain. If you are dealing with a cavity, cracked tooth, or tooth abscess, then a dentist appointment is a must for treatment. If you do not have any issues occurring with your teeth, and it is an external cause like a headache or other issues, booking an appointment with your local physician is best.

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